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King Hu was an inspirational Chinese director who inspired and shaped the current modern martial arts films genre. Before entering this class I would not be able to mutter a single thing about who King Hu was, but after learning his life story and all of the road blocks he had along the way I respect his career. I really wanted to learn more about the director the helped lead to the Chinese martial artists I grew up loving to watch on film like Jackie Chan.

My three favorite films from King Hu:

1. Come drink with me

2. A Touch of Zen

3. Legend of the Mountain

My least favorite films from King Hu:

1. Raining in the Mountain

2. Painted skin

3. The Valiant Ones

After learning King Hu’s career I feel similarities of his wuxia style. Ang Lees film Croching Tiger Hidden Dragon was heavily inspired by the wuxia films but also added the Hollywood storytelling structure that gave it a strong backbone. That film also was able pay homage to King Hu’s Come drink with me by having similar shots and having three genereations of martial arts actors including the lead protagonist of come drink with me’s Cheng Pei Pei.

As stated before I believe that King Hu inspired actors like Jackie Chan and Jet Li, but I also believe that he had inspired a lot of the animation world. Throughout Japanese anime it feels like the fighting style of many action anime series have similar elements of impossible fight sequences that look amazing.

Another popular film that takes heavy inspiration from wuxia films is Hero.




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