Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

Although this is not a film made by King Hu, this film was heavily inspired by elements of King Hu’s wuxia films. Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon follows the story of the green destiny sword that is consistently being sought after. The film follows the similar pattern of King Hu’s Raining in the Mountain, in which everyone is fighting over a sacred relic.

Ang Lee provided a great sense of scale and action, especially in the fighting choreography. Although there were some parts were the flying across the sky felt obvious that the actors were on wires, there were some fights where it felt seamless and fluid. Ang Lee also focused on the repercussions of each fight and showed the intellect of the characters throughout the fight as well as after the fight. An excellent example of this intellect would be when Yu Shu Lien purposely knock over a cup of tea in order to reveal the identity of the thief, but also doing so in hopes of being able to convince the thief of altering her ways and joing them.

An interesting trivia fact from this film is that, a huge homage to the film is that the antagonist is played by Cheng Pei Pei, the same actress who was the protagonist in King Hu’s Come drink with Me. In an interview the Cheng Pei Pei had said that there was a shot in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon where her character is on the ground during the fight, and this shot from Ang Lee is an homage to King Hu.

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon is a beautiful film and I would highly recommend this film to other people to watch.


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