Raining in the Mountain

King Hu’s 1979 film, Raining in the Mountain, tells the story of martial artists who try to steal a sacred scroll from a monastery library, while the monastery looks for a new abbot. The film was an interesting new genre that King Hu entered, a drama. The direction of the film seemed to shift a lot throughout the film, shifting protagonists too much as well.

In the beginning the original cast of the thieves was quite boring. It felt like the film had spent thirty to forty minutes on the thieves attempting to steal the scroll. It was interesting to see how they would establish how corrupt some of the monks were in trying to get the scroll as well in order to receive abbot status. But this part of the film just seemed to follow their actions for way too long and didn’t progress anywhere. It was an interesting dynamic between the thieves and the new abbot.

When the new hobo enters the monastery and becomes a monk, it became interesting to see how he was treated and how he really wished to act peacefully despite being near so much corruption.

This film was very unique to King Hu’s repertoire of films, and I would recommend watching this film was the second part of the film, but would just warn of the thief scenes being too long.


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