The Valiant Ones

King Hu’s independent action film The Valiant Ones tells the story of double crossing spies and military powers and strategies. This film was very action-wuxia oriented and filled nearly every scene with fighting. This made it somewhat difficult to squeeze emotional connection to the characters.

There were a lot of interesting fighting sequences and experimentation with editing, but there were also returns of stapled King Hu shots. Hu reused the diving shot from A Touch Of Zen. Especially in the climactic ending, there was experimentation with very long sequences with very rapid  editing.

The most unique parts of this film was that there was the non-verbal visuals of the strategy plan through the use of music and Chinese checker pieces. Then there was also the showcase of martial prowess as they proved their skills in the military compound.

This was an exciting film to watch, it does not dive too much into character development, but I would recommend this film to audience members who want a lot of mindless action.


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