The Dragon Inn

King Hu’s fourth film, The Dragon Inn, follows the story of a remote Chinese inn that hosts many great warriors and gangs, and becomes a battleground for the good and evil.

The tone of this film is very similar to come drink with me, even the fight choreography and set design feels very similar. The Inn feels similar when Golden Swallow is surrounded by a large gang of people, but are easily and nonchalantly able to defeat them.

The climactic ending fight between the main cast and the Eunech warlord last nearly 30 minutes. As exciting as it was, this fight scene felt extremely stretched.  At some points, it felt unclear as to whether the gang had retreated or if the villains had succeeded in capturing the descendants. It was exciting to see that the Eunech King was able to fight all 5 of the masters, on fairly even ground until his asthma began to act up, and as he grew more tired.

Dragon Inn was a unique screenplay that took its time in establishing each of the characters and build up the action. I would recommend watching this film, with the knowledge that it may feel slowly paced at some points.


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