Come Drink With Me

Come Drink With Me is an action martial arts film about a Young woman’s, Golden Swallow’s, quest to rescue her brother from a group of Bandits. Along the way she encounters countless assailants who wish to execute her, as well as meets an unexpected ally, The Drunken Cat.

This film was very interesting since the film takes a perspective on the female heroine of the story, but unfortunately the direction of the film was too spotty that it was slightly jarring to understand everything. According to a professor at the University of Hawaii, King Hu was having trouble with Shaw Productions and the limit on creative control that they had forced up on Hu. As a result this film felt divided within itself and felt like two stories instead of one cohesive story.

The Fighting sequences of the film were entertaining, in their use of rooftop chases and one versus many fights. The most exciting fight scene is when Golden Swallow is surrounded by the entire Gang of Bandits in the temple. Although she was poisoned at the end of the fight, it was amazing to see how she fended off countless waves of enemies, but this scene also showcased the Drunken Cat. The Drunken Cat is off in the shadows observing and sometimes helping Golden Swallow throughout the fight.

This was a very long film, and there were many complications with the story, so I would recommend this film to people who wish to see the beginnings of Wuxia films or King Hu fans. Unfortunately I would not recommend this film to people who are interested in fast, quick paced action and are opposed to a non-traditional story structure.


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